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"Flood" quick action -emergency drainage pump truck to support Quzhou flood control and rescue

August 24, 2023

Latest company case about "Flood" quick action -emergency drainage pump truck to support Quzhou flood control and rescue

Quzhou flood control level II emergency response


According to the statistics of the meteorological department, the average rainfall in Quzhou City was 115.7mm from 5:00 on the 19th to 5:00 on the 20th. It is expected that there will be heavy rain in the middle and north of Quzhou City during the day of the 21st, with local heavy rain, and moderate to heavy rain in the South.

According to the Quzhou emergency plan for flood and drought control and the Quzhou emergency plan for sudden geological disasters, the municipal flood control index decided to upgrade the flood control level III emergency response to level II from 7:30 on June 20, while maintaining the level IV emergency response for sudden geological disasters.

In order to implement specific defense preparations and enhance Quzhou's urban waterlogging emergency response capacity, Quzhou Kecheng District Emergency Management Bureau and Hangbu Industrial Park sent an emergency support letter to our company. In order to alleviate the impact of Waterlogging on people's safe travel, our company sent a 600m ³/ H large flow emergency drainage pump truck is put into operation to support drainage and rescue work.




During the flood control and rescue, our company actively cooperated with the government, vigorously carried forward the spirit of "one party in trouble, eight parties in support", assumed the corporate social responsibility, made rapid response and disposal, ensured the daily safe travel of citizens, protected the people's property, and achieved a phased victory in the flood control and rescue work


The drainage pump plays a great role.



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