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IH Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Chemical Pump, 0.55-90KW, 6.3-400m3/h, 5-125m

IH Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Chemical Pump, 0.55-90KW, 6.3-400m3/h, 5-125m
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Material: Castiron
Application: Chemical Industry
Calibre: 25-200mm
Discharge Pressure: 0.2-2.5MPa
Drive Type: Direct Connection
Efficiency: ≥60%
Flow Rate: 10-1000m³/h
Head: 5-125m
Material: Stainless Steel
Seal Type: Mechanical Seal
Speed: 1450-2900r/min
Structure Type: Single-stage Single-suction
Suction Pressure: 0.2-2.5MPa
Temperature: 0-200℃
Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

Cantilever Centrifugal Chemical Pump


Cast Iron Centrifugal Chemical Pump


cantilever centrifugal pump

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ZY
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: IH
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: plywood
Delivery Time: 7Days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10PCS/week
Product Description

Products overview
IH chemical centrifugal pumps are single-stage, single-suction and cantilevered centrifugal pumps, manufactured according to international standard combining with non-metallic process design. IH is a energy-efficient production instead of F corrosion resistant pump. IH chemical centrifugal pump is suitable to transport liquid without solid particle, corrosive and viscosity similar to water. The medium temperature is between -20 Celsius degree and 105 Celsius degree, and when convey high temperature medium, there should be cooling measurements. The IH pumps are widely used in chemical, petroleum, electric power, metallurgical, paper, pharmaceutical, food industry etc. with a lot of advantages such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, stable operation, advanced and rational structure, strict and reliable seal performance, convenient dismantling and repair, long service life etc.

IH chemical centrifugal have 33 basic models, and about 22 models are double speed(2900r/min 1450r/min). After cutting and deformation of the impeller diameter of the A/B models, the total of the productions reaches 112 specifications.

Performance range


型   号 泵额定转速n=2900r/min 泵额定转速n=1450r/min
流量Q(m3/h) 扬 程 H (m) 电机功率 (KW) 流 量Q(m3/h) 扬 程 (m) 电机功率 (KW)
IH40-32-125 6.3 20 1.5 3.2 5 0.55
IH40-32-160 32 3 8 0.55
IH40-32-200 50 5.5 12.5 1.1
IH40-32-250 80 11 20 2.2
IH50-32-125 12.5 20 3 6.3 5 0.55
IH50-32-160 32 4 8 0.55
IH50-32-200 50 7.5 12.5 1.5
IH50-32-250 80 15 20 2.2
IH65-50-125 25 20 3 12.5 5 0.55
IH65-50-160 32 5.5 8 0.75
IH65-40-200 50 11 12.5 1.5
IH65-40-250 80 18.5 20 3
IH65-40-315 125 30 32 5.5
IH80-65-125 50 20 5.5 25 5 0.75
IH80-65-160 32 11 8 1.5
IH80-50-200 50 15 12.5 2.2
IH80-50-250 80 30 20 4
IH80-50-315 125 45 32 7.5
IH100-80-125 100 20 11 50 5 1.5
IH100-80-160 32 15 8 2.2
IH100-65-200 50 22 12.5 4
IH100-65-250 80 37 20 5.5
IH100-65-315 125 75 32 11
IH125-100-200 200 50 45 100 12.5 7.5
IH125-100-250 80 75 20 11
IH125-100-315 125 75 32 18.5
IH125-100-400 / / / 50 30
IH150-125-250 / / / 200 20 18.5
IH150-125-315 / / / 32 30
IH150-125-400 / / / 50 45
IH200-150-250 / / / 400 20 37
IH200-150-315 / / / 32 55
IH200-150-400 / / / 50 90

Flow volume:6.3--400m3/h
Speed:2900r/min 1450r/min
Inlet diameter:50--200mm
Highest working pressure:1.6MPa

Model expression
IH 50 - 32 - 160 A IH is international standard single-stage single-suction chemical centrifugal pump;50 stands for diameter of pump inlet;32 stands for diameter of pump outlet;160 stands for impeller nominal diameter(mm);A stands for impeller outer diameter after the first cutting

Design characteristics
Pump composition
IH series chemical centrifugal pumps are joint-design products by pump industry nationwide according to ISO international standard. The main parts are pump casing, impeller, seal ring, impeller nuts, pump cover, seal parts, middle support, shaft, suspension parts and so on.
Pump structure
Pump cover is fixed on the middle support by seam, and clamped by the connection of the pump casing and seam in the middle support. The pump casing is axial suction, radial discharge and supported by feet type, and can be fixed on the base directly. Suspension parts can be fixed in the middle support by seam and supported on the base by suspension bracket. The extension coupling is designed for convenient dismantlement. When the pump needs check and repair, only the middle connection parts of the extension coupling need to be dismantled, that is quit the rotor parts for check and repair. Connection pipes of the inlet and outlet, pump casing and the motor are not necessary to be dismantled. That is the universal structure form in the world.
The rotational direction of the pump
The pump is driven directly by motor from extension coupling. View from motor, it makes clockwise rotation.
Shaft seal type of the pump
The shaft seal adopts packing seal or mechanical seal, which can be selected according to clients’ requirements. Meanwhile, it’s allowable to adopt sealing cavity size according to ISO3069 as required and other shaft seal type.
Packing seal: There’s stuffing box in the pump cover; adopt soft packing seal; Water with certain pressure can be convey into the stuffing box for sealing, cooling, lubricating and cleaning.
Mechanical seal: Single-face mechanical seal and double-face mechanical seal; Water with certain pressure can be conveyed into the sealing cavity for flushing, rubbing the face and cooling as well.


IH Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Chemical Pump, 0.55-90KW, 6.3-400m3/h, 5-125m 0

IH Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Chemical Pump, 0.55-90KW, 6.3-400m3/h, 5-125m 1

IH Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Chemical Pump, 0.55-90KW, 6.3-400m3/h, 5-125m 2


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