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1200 GPM Diesel Engine Fire Pump Series XBC Pressure 12 Bar Automatic

1200 GPM Diesel Engine Fire Pump Series XBC Pressure 12 Bar Automatic
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Output Voltage: 220
Output Power: 24-500KW
Output Frequency: 50
Output Current: 50-800
Material: Cast Iron
Outlet: 250mm
Inlet: 200mm
Capacity: Large
Control System: Automatic
Flow Rate: High
Fuel Type: None
Installation Method: Fixed
Power Source: Electricity
Pressure Range: High
Product Name: Emergency Fire Water Pump System
Service: Good
Start Type: Automatic
Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

1200 GPM Diesel Engine Fire Pump


XBC Diesel Engine Fire Pump


diesel fire fighting pump

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: ZHEJIANG.CHINA
Brand Name: ZY
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: XBC
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: PLYWOOD FOR DIESEL
Delivery Time: 30DAYS
Payment Terms: TT, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1 UNIT/MONTH
Product Description
Diesel engine fire pump series (XBC) flow 1200gpm pressure 12bar
Brief Description
1.Starting characteristics of a good, 2.strong overload capacity, compact structure, 3.easy maintenance,high
Product Attributes
  • Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:

 Product Overview

 XBC Series Diesel Fire Pump Company in strict accordance with the national standard GB6245-98 "fire pump performance requirements and test methods" and the United States Fire Protection Association Standard NEPA20 "centrifugal fire pump installation" and other standards developed a new type of fire-fighting equipment (hereinafter referred to as equipment), the series is equipped with the device according to the fire pump (single-stage single-suction, single stage double suction, multi-stage segments) can be divided into XBC-IS, XBC-SLOW, XBC-D three sub- series, equipment pressure, flow range, the application required to meet the fire almost all occasions.
Equipment with diesel engines are high-quality products using domestic or imported, with the launch characteristics of a good, strong overload capacity, compact structure, easy maintenance, easy to use, high degree of automation, is an advanced, reliable fire-fighting equipment.
Equipment, normal operating conditions:
Altitude ≤ 1000m; Ambient temperature: +5 °C ~ +40 °C;
Relative humidity: ≤ 90%.
Structural features and function:
Equipment from the X6135, 12V135, 4102,6102 series diesel-powered, diesel engine (available with clutch) through high-elastic coupling and fire pump connected to form the fire pump, the unit also included the diesel tank, radiator, fan, controlscreen (automatic units available) and other components.
When the automatic control unit, the diesel engine automatically controlled by the split counter (programmable) to achieve the automatic system in a first degree, inputs, auto-switching (switch to the diesel engine pumps electric pumps or diesel pumps to switch to another group a diesel pump), automatic protection (engine speed, oil pressure, high hydrological, three failed to start, low oil level, low battery voltage alarm shutdown protection) and other functions, users can also fire with automatic fire alarm center or interface for remote monitoring.
To ensure the unit in less than 5 °C environment to work, the unit can be attached to the cooling water pre-heating device AC220V.
General Data
Diesel engine with electric fire pump pop group, composed of automatic fire regulator pump water supply system. Course of their work, see "Engine Control System" introduced. Equipment can be achieved together with the fire control center.
 System structure and principle
1. LED-BZ (H) series diesel engine pump set control
General Data
Automatic fire protection water supply systems are usually regulated by the pump, electric pump (main pump), automatic diesel pump (pump equipment), working principle is: the usual pressure in the pipe in P1 (low) ~ P2 (high pressure), lower than P1 regulator starts the pump, the pump stops the pressure rose to P2, because P2 slowly leaking pipe down to P1, regulator pump then start, and so forth to maintain the pressure at P1 ~ P2, and when the water surge, pump regulator can notdecreased rapidly to maintain P1 P3, electric pump starter, pressure rose to Pw and meet the fire water. Such as power failure or faulty electric pump, pressure continued to decline from the P3 to P4 will automatically start the diesel pump, the pressure rose to Pw and water supply, electric or diesel pump pump pump shall be stopped manually after stopping the pump manually to determine, frequently.
(1) LEC-BH series of semi-automatic fire pump diesel engine control device
This type of cabinet (box) with manual, semi-automatic control functions, with the engine oil pressure, water temperature display; with the battery charging current display; tank oil level alarm; state electric fire pump failure or power outages, it can automatically start the engine pump; to remote start diesel pump. This control method is generally used in diesel engine power less than 110kw of occasions.
(2) LEC-BZ Series automatic fire pump diesel engine control device
This type of cabinet (box) with manual, automatic control, with the engine oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature display and alarm function abnormalities, with the battery charging current display; tank oil level alarm; automatically (can be remotely ) start and stop diesel pumps; ultra-high speed, low-speed stop alarm; three starter failure alarm; automatically charge the battery voltage is low; and automatic fire and the fire alarm center or excuse, remote linkage control, such as the system for multi-pump unit, can achieve the unit to switch between the regular inspection and fire pumps, power frequency voltage function

 2. LEC-DZ (H) series diesel generator control equipment
The control principle similar to the diesel generator diesel engine pump configuration control, mainly used in civil construction in the self-generator voltage of 230V/400V emergency diesel generator sets, engine blocks should always bring their own emergency preparations start in the state, operating power, thermal systems, fuel oil, lubricating oil, cooling water, and indoor temperature and indoor environment should be to ensure the unit can start at any time conditions, when the electricity is interrupted, the unit should start immediately, and can be invested in the 15s normal load operation. Unit should be in power system chain, when the electricity is restored, the unit should be delayed switch to electricity supply, and idling stop automatically after 3 ~ 5min.
General Data
(1) LEC-DH series diesel generator set automatically by the control equipment
(2) LEC-DZ series automatic diesel generator set control equipment

1200 GPM Diesel Engine Fire Pump Series XBC Pressure 12 Bar Automatic 0

1200 GPM Diesel Engine Fire Pump Series XBC Pressure 12 Bar Automatic 1

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