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Inline Multistage Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump Centrifugal Fire Water Pump

Inline Multistage Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump Centrifugal Fire Water Pump
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Theory: Centrifugal Pump
Structure: Multistage Pump
Power: Electric
Usage: Outfire,supply Water
Flow Rate: High
Installation: Easy
Maintenance: Low
Noise Level: Low
Power Source: Electricity
Pressure: High
Product Name: Emergency Fire Water Pump System
Size: Customizable
Warranty: Long-term
Key Words: Split Case Centrifugal Pump
High Light:

Multistage Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump


Inline Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump


Centrifugal Fire Water Pump

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ZY
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: XBD
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: plywood
Delivery Time: 7
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Unio
Supply Ability: 10pcs/week
Product Description
Horizontal Inline Multistage Centrifugal fire water Pump split case
Product Description


1. Overview

SH type pump is a single-stage, double-suction, casing open centrifugal pump for suction and delivery of clear water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. The head of this pump is from 9m to 140m, the flow is from 126m3/h to 12500m3/h, and the maximum temperature of the liquid should not exceed 80℃, suitable for factories, mines, urban water supply, power stations, large water conservancy projects, agricultural irrigation and flooding, etc. The 48SH-22 large pump can also be used as a circulating pump for thermal power stations.

The meaning of pump model: such as 10SH-13A

10 - the diameter of the suction port is divided by 25 (the diameter of the suction port of the pump is 250 mm). s, SH - double-suction single-stage horizontal centrifugal clear water pump 13 a than the number of revolutions divided by 10 (the pump than the number of revolutions is 130) A - indicates that the pump has changed the different outer diameter of the impeller.





2,Description of structure

S and SH type pump's inlet and outlet are below the axis of the pump, in a horizontal direction and in a vertical position with the axis, the pump cover is fixed to the pump body with double-headed bolts and cone positioning screws, which can be easily uncovered to check all the parts in the pump, without disassembling the water inlet, discharge pipeline and motor, so it is extremely convenient to overhaul, from the transmission direction, SH type pumps are rotating counterclockwise; S type pumps are rotating clockwise. are rotating clockwise; S-type pumps are rotating clockwise;

The main parts of S and SH type pumps are: pump body (1), pump cover (2), impeller (3), shaft (4), double suction seal ring (5), sleeve (6), bearing body (14).

The pump body (1) is made of cast iron. The pump cover constitutes the impeller's workshop, and the flange of the inlet and outlet water channels is equipped with a pipe screw hole for installing vacuum and pressure gauges. The lowest part of the pipe neck is made with a pipe screw hole for water discharge.

The pump cover (2) is made of cast iron. At the upper part, there is a pipe screw hole for installing water seal pipe and air release pipe and a hook for lifting the pump cover. Impeller (3) is made of cast iron, its shape is


symmetrical, there are twisted blades between the two walls, the liquid enters the impeller from both sides, the manufacturing concave after static balance test.

Shaft (4), made of high-quality carbon steel. The center of the shaft is the impeller, fixed with Jian, sleeve and sleeve nuts on both sides, the right end of the shaft is installed with a coupling, directly connected with the motor, in the coupling end is not allowed to use the belt drive, if the belt drive is required, another bracket must be set up to support the belt pulley.

Double suction sealing ring (5) is made of cast iron. To prevent the high pressure water from leaking back into the water intake part of the pump, the double suction seal ring is made with a protruding semi-garden ring, embedded in the pump body, used to fix the double suction seal ring, which is a perishable part and can be replaced with spare parts after wear.

Shaft sleeve (6), made of cast iron, used to fix the position of the impeller and protect the wear of the shaft inside the packing chamber, is a wearable part, and can be replaced by spare parts after wear.

S, SH type pump has two supports, using single row radial ball bearings, installed in the bearing body (14) near the coupling end of the collective name bearing A parts, the other end is called bearing B parts, lubricated with grease. Because the impeller is completely symmetrical, in theory the pump does not produce axial force, but in manufacturing it is difficult to do the water flow through the pump on both sides and the gap at the seal ring is exactly the same, so the pump has the possibility of axial force, the axial force and vibration force is borne by the single-row radial ball bearing in the bearing B part.

The packing plays the role of sealing to prevent the air from penetrating into the pump and a large amount of liquid from seeping out. Packing seal consists of packing chamber, filling gland, packing ring, packing sleeve and packing material synthesized on the pump body and pump cover. A small amount of high-pressure water inside the pump cover flows into the packing chamber through the external water seal tube (or internal sink) and the packing ring to play the role of water seal.

The degree of packing tightness must be appropriate, not too tight and not too loose, in order to liquid can be a drop of a drop of seepage shall prevail, packing too tight, bearing easy to heat, while power consumption, packing too loose, liquid leakage, are to reduce the efficiency of the pump.



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