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Palm Oil Plant Submersible Mixer Pump QJB 1.5Kw Waste Water Mixer

Palm Oil Plant Submersible Mixer Pump QJB 1.5Kw Waste Water Mixer
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Structure: Pump
Application: Acid Liquid
Motor Power: 1.5 KW
Rated Current: 4 A
Propeller Rpm: 960 R/min
Diameter Of Blade: 260 Mm
Thrust: 290 N
Weight: 55/56 Kg
Frequency: 50Hz
Insulation Grade: F
Material: Cast Iron
Outlet Diameter: 50mm
Power Source: Electricity
Product Name: Submersible Mixer Pump
High Light:

Palm Oil Plant Submersible Mixer Pump


Submersible Mixer Pump QJB


QJB 1.5Kw Waste Water Mixer

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: ZY
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: QJB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 7-30Wd
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000set/month
Product Description

Palm-oil plant Malaysia water treatment equipment submersible mixer QJB


Product Overview

QJB type low-speed thruster is widely used in oxidation ditch and mixing of various biochemical tanks in water treatment process. It can also be used for river antifreeze and landscape water circulation. The low-speed propeller is composed of submersible motor, reducer, blade propeller and installation system. It is characterized by small matching power, low speed, large impeller diameter, large volume flow field and wide service range. The design of Backward Swept banana blade propeller has the function of self-cleaning. It is made of poly helium grease or reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. Its excellent hydraulic performance can ensure good damping effect with liquid at low speed, thus creating a soft water flow. This series of products not only has the function of pushing and creating water flow, but also has the function of stirring.



1. The mixer is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight; simple in operation and maintenance, convenient in installation and long in service life.

2. The impeller of submersible agitator has a good hydraulic design structure, high working efficiency, and the blade has self-cleaning function, which can prevent impurities from winding and blocking.

3. Combined with the aeration system, the energy consumption can be greatly reduced, the oxygen content can be significantly increased, and sedimentation can be effectively prevented.

4. The motor winding of QJB mixer is of class F insulation with protection grade of IP68. The imported bearing with primary lubrication and maintenance free is selected, which has the functions of oil chamber leakage detection and motor winding overheating protection, which makes the motor work more safe and reliable.

5. Friction pairs of QJB mixer mechanical seal are made of corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide, all fasteners are made of stainless steel, with two mechanical seals.

Operating conditions

Submersible mixer is suitable for all kinds of water treatment processes and industrial processes, which need to keep the solid-liquid two-phase or solid-liquid-gas three-phase medium uniform mixing reaction place.


QJB mixer can operate normally and continuously under the following conditions:


The temperature of high medium should not exceed 40 ° C;


The pH value of the medium is between 5 - 9;


3. The medium density shall not exceed 115KG / m3;


4 long term diving operation, the diving depth is generally not more than 20 meters.


Installation system of submersible mixer

It is recommended to use II installation system when the power of submersible mixer is 1.5KW, 2.2kW and 2.5kW. The base of lifting system, steel rope fixing frame and guide base are fixed with expansion bolts without reserved holes.


Main items of submersible mixer selection

Precautions for the type selection of submersible mixer: 1kW power per 500m3 volume should be more than 60NM, and the effect is good after actual inspection. Some small blades can not achieve this effect at high speed.


The power can be reduced by 10% for round pool, runway type pool and ring type pool, while 10% power must be increased for square pool, rectangular pool and triangle pool. The larger the pool type is, the smaller the power can be.


For every 10% increase in medium density, the power must be increased by 30%. Square tank and rectangular tank can also be considered in impeller size, spiral angle, installation position, inlet and outlet position, so as to achieve no dead angle or small dead angle.


As for the flow velocity, there are many mixer for pushing flow, so the original flow rate, cross section of the pool, length and other relevant data and the required flow rate must be provided. The company can provide the corresponding products. This is a complicated process. Please contact the supplier for selection.


Installation height of submersible mixer: (1) impeller diameter less than 1 m from pool bottom to mixer center x = impeller radius + 0.7 M. (2) If the impeller diameter is more than 1 m, it is calculated as radius + 1 m. (3) The installation height can be increased or decreased according to the pool depth.


Palm Oil Plant Submersible Mixer Pump QJB 1.5Kw Waste Water Mixer 0

Palm Oil Plant Submersible Mixer Pump QJB 1.5Kw Waste Water Mixer 1

Palm Oil Plant Submersible Mixer Pump QJB 1.5Kw Waste Water Mixer 2

Submersible mixers Application:
The submersible mixers in our company include mixing agitator and low-speed flow propeller, mainly used for:
1. The purposes of mixing, agitating and making ring flows in the process of municipal and industrial sewage treatment: activated sludge tank, bioreactor tank, mixing tank, sludge silos, equalizing reservoir, sewage tank and etc.
2. The maintenance equipment for the landscape water environment, creating water flow.
3. Increasing the oxygen content in water and improving the quality of the water body.
4. Effectively preventing the sedimentation of the suspended substances.

The highest temperature of the media shall not exceed 40oC.
The pH value of the media: 5~9
The density of the media shall not exceed 1150Kg/m3
The depth of submersion shall not exceed 20m
The electric power supply: 380V, 50HZ
The motor: F class insulation and in accordance with IP68, continuous operating in 24hr
The submersible mixer must operate in the complete submersion into water






Submersible mixers performance parameter:


Model Motor Power(Kw) Rated current(A) Rpm of Vane (r/min) Diameter of vane (mm) Thrust(N) Weight(kg)
QJB0.85/8-260/3-740/S 0.85 3.2 740 260 163 55/65
QJB1.5/6-260/3-980/S 1.5 4 980 260 290 55/65
QJB2.2/8-320/3-740/S 2.2 5.9 740 320 582 88/93
QJB4/6-320/3-960/S 4 10.3 960 320 609 88/93
QJB1.5/8-400/3-740/S 1.5 5.2 740 400 600 74/82
QJB2.5/8-400/3-740/S 2.5 7 740 400 800 74/82
QJB3/8-400/3-980/S 3 8.6 980 400 920 74/82
QJB4/6-400/3-480/S 4 10.3 480 400 1200 74/82
QJB4/12-620/3-480/S 4 14 480 620 1400 190/206
QJB5/12-620/3-480/S 5 18.2 480 620 1800 196/212
QJB7.5/12-620/3-480/S 7.5 28 480 620 2600 240/256
QJB10/12-620/3-480/S 10 32 480 620 3300 250/266



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