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Electric Submersible Mixer Pump For Anoxic Tank With Cast Iron Construction

Electric Submersible Mixer Pump For Anoxic Tank With Cast Iron Construction
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Cable Length: 10m
Power Source: Electric
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Name: Submersible Mixer
Power Rating: 0.85-20kW
Application: Industrial
Protection Grade: IP68
Insulation Class: F
Material: Sliver
High Light:

Cast Iron Construction Submersible Mixer Pump


Anoxic Tank Submersible Mixer Pump


Electric Submersible Pump 20kW

Basic Infomation
Brand Name: ZY
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: QJB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Delivery Time: 10-15DAYS
Payment Terms: TT, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100 PCS PER MONTH
Product Description

Product Description:

submersible mixer, also known as a submersible agitator or submersible propeller, is a type of mixing equipment used in various industries and applications. It is designed to be submerged in a liquid, typically in a tank or basin, to agitate or mix the contents.


The Submersible Mixer Pump is a high-performance agitator designed for demanding industrial applications. Capable of being completely submerged, this pump is built with an IP68 protection grade, making it an ideal choice for industrial use. A 10m long cable allows for greater flexibility and mobility while the electric power source makes it suitable for a wide variety of operations. Furthermore, the Submersible Mixer Pump is backed by a 1-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.

This powerful submersible agitator offers superior performance and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for tough industrial operations. Its robust design and durable construction make it well suited for a variety of applications, from wastewater treatment to water supply. It is also designed to operate in extreme conditions, with an IP68 protection grade that ensures it will remain reliable and safe even when submerged. Additionally, the 10m cable and electric power source provide greater flexibility and convenience.

The Submersible Mixer Pump is an essential tool for industrial operations. With its robust construction, reliable performance, and 1-year warranty, it is an ideal choice for any demanding application. It also offers a superior level of protection and flexibility, making it the perfect choice for any industrial operation. Invest in the Submersible Mixer Pump today and experience a reliable and powerful agitator that will keep your operations running smoothly.



  • 1. Submersible Design: Submersible mixers are specifically designed to operate underwater. They consist of a motor, propeller, and housing that are sealed to prevent water ingress and damage to the motor.
  • 2. Propeller Design: The mixer typically employs a propeller or impeller that rotates at high speeds to create turbulence and circulate the liquid.
  • 3. Variable Speed: Many submersible mixers offer variable speed settings, allowing operators to adjust the mixing intensity according to the specific requirements of the application.
  • 4. Mounting Options: Submersible mixers can be mounted on the floor of the tank or suspended from a support structure, depending on the design and configuration.

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Product Name Submersible Mixer 
Power Rating 0.85-20kW
Cable Length 10m
Insulation Class F
Warranty 1 Year
Protection Grade IP68
Material Cast Iron
Application Industrial
Power Source Electric
Electric Submersible Mixer Pump For Anoxic Tank With Cast Iron Construction 0


  1. Wastewater Treatment: Submersible mixers are extensively used in wastewater treatment plants to enhance the mixing and aeration processes. They help to prevent sedimentation, promote the breakdown of organic matter, and improve the overall efficiency of the treatment system.
  2. Industrial Mixing: Submersible mixers find applications in various industrial processes, such as chemical manufacturing, food and beverage production, and pharmaceuticals. They are used to mix liquids, suspend solids, and ensure uniformity in the mixture.
  3. Aquaculture: In aquaculture operations, submersible mixers are employed to provide oxygenation, prevent stratification, and maintain a homogeneous environment for fish or shrimp farming.
  4. Biogas Production: Submersible mixers are used in anaerobic digestion processes for biogas production. They help to facilitate the breakdown of organic waste and improve the efficiency of biogas generation.

It's important to note that specific designs and features of submersible mixers can vary depending on the manufacturer and application requirements.


The ZY QJB Submersible Mixer Pump is an industrial-grade submersible agitator pump that offers reliable performance in a wide range of applications. This pump is specifically designed to provide superior performance in highly corrosive and abrasive environments. This pump features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, along with F-class insulation for safe operation in extreme conditions. Its 10-meter cable length and 1-year warranty make it an ideal choice for industrial applications. It is also certified by ISO9001  CE and is available in various models with a minimum order of two. This pump has a price range of 1000-5000USD and is supplied in a plywood packaging for safe delivery. This submersible agitator can offer a maximum flow rate of up to 100 PCS per month, and is powered by an electric source. This pump is the perfect choice for users in need of a reliable and efficient submersible slurry pump.



Customized Submersible Mixer Pump

Brand Name: ZY
Model Number: QJB
Certification: ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity: 2
Price: 1000-5000USD
Delivery Time: 10-15DAYS
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 100 PCS PER MONTH
Cable Length: 10m
Product Name: Submersible Mixer
Power Source: Electric
Material: Cast Iron
Application: Industrial

Our Submersible Mixer Pump is specially designed for submersible agitator, submersible agitator pump, electric submersible mixer and other related applications. With brand name ZY and model number QJB, this product is certified with ISO9001. It comes with minimum order quantity of 2 PCS and price range from 1000-5000USD. It is packaged with PLYWOOD FOR SUBMERSIBLE SLURRY PUMP and the delivery time is 10-15DAYS. Payment terms is by TT and supply ability is 100 PCS PER MONTH. Cable length is 10m and it is powered by electric and made of cast iron. It is suitable for industrial use.


Support and Services:

Submersible Mixer Pump Technical Support and Service

Our Submersible Mixer Pump is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and is available with a range of technical support and service options.

Technical Support

We provide technical advice and assistance for our Submersible Mixer Pump. This includes troubleshooting and problem-solving, detailed product information, installation and operating instructions, and more.

Service and Maintenance

We offer a full range of services and maintenance for our Submersible Mixer Pump, including repairs, replacements, upgrades and preventive maintenance. We also provide regular maintenance and safety checks.


Our Submersible Mixer Pump is covered by a comprehensive warranty. This covers breakdowns, defects and malfunctions, and also includes parts and labour for any necessary repairs.



Q: What is the brand name of the Submersible Mixer Pump?
A: The brand name is ZY.
Q: What is the model number of the Submersible Mixer Pump?
A: The model number is QJB.
Q: Where is the Submersible Mixer Pump manufactured?
A: The Submersible Mixer Pump is manufactured in Zhejiang Province, Quzhou.
Q: Is the Submersible Mixer Pump ISO9001 certified?
A: Yes, the Submersible Mixer Pump is ISO9001 certified.We also have CE.
Q: How many Submersible Mixer Pumps can I order?
A: The minimum order quantity is 2.
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